How To Use An Electric Grill Safely?

How to use an electric grill safely? With it, you can cook securely and conveniently. 

The concept of grilling with electricity is not new, but a lot of people still don’t understand the process. 

I will give you information about how these units work and how to use them properly.

The concept is simple enough – an electric grill is a large enclosed metal heating plate. The plate’s surface has specially designed ridges that simulate the grate used with a traditional grill. 

The plate is powered by electricity that runs from any standard wall outlet. The best grilling machines will heat up evenly, so any food that you prepare will be well cooked to the proper temperature throughout.

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Safety Concerns?

Of course, whenever you talk about a heated surface there are some safety matters. However, companies that build outdoor grills have taken these into consideration and have created safety characteristics to ensure that accidents are rare.

First of all, the heating plate never touches the surface that the grill is placed on. The heat is normally contained within sturdy plastic or metal, and there are almost always legs or some stand that holds the whole grill off the ground.

There is a habitually little risk of setting anything aflame when utilizing an electric grill as long as you use common sense. Never place any paper products or any flammable things near the heat produced by the device. 

Also, always use care when handling food that is passing onto or coming off the cooking device.

If you’re not very cautious while preparing your food, you may burn the tip of your finger. You would likely have to hold your finger on the heating surface for a second or two before the skin would take much of a burn. 

Accidentally brushing the grill covering with your finger will most likely not result in a burn.

Electric grills are typically used indoors as an alternative to outdoor cooking. They give results similar to those of conventional ones but using electricity is most ideal rather than charcoal or even a gas grill as a heat source.

There are two kinds of these devices, the open one, that looks like an outdoor grill and has a single grate for food, and the contact model, that presses the food amid two heated plates.

How do you cook on an electric grill?

Now you will see which equipment you need to set up an electric grill.

Things You’ll Require

Open or contact grill, tongs, food, digital meat thermometer, cooking spray, mild dish soap, and sponge.

How do you grill with an open grill?

Grilling is fun but you should also consider how to use electric grill properly and with precaution.

1. First, set up the open grill on a level, flat countertop that has been cleared of all clutter. These devices get extremely hot and can be a fire hazard.

2. Spritz the grate gently with cooking spray, if it is not nonstick.

3. Preheat the grill. Some open grills have an on/off setting, whereas others allow you to select a suitable temperature. 

If you aren’t certain what to set the temp to, try 400 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s the temperature most traditional charcoal units reach when heated and the one to which most simple grills automatically heat.

4. Place the food on the preheated device utilizing tongs. Let the food cook halfway, then flip it. Flipping the food just once will give it even grill lines.

5. Use a digital thermometer to examine the internal temperature of meat cooked on the open grill before lifting it from the heat.

6. Unplug the unit and then allow it to cool down. Remove the grate and drip pans, and then wash everything in hot water with the mild dish soap and a sponge. Wipe down the machine using a damp sponge.

Using a Contact Grill

1. Set up the contact grill on a neat, flat countertop. Wipe down its plates using a damp sponge. Place the drip pan underneath the lip of the lower plate.

2. Plug the device and close the plates. Let it preheat until the ready light appears on. On some contact grills, the light positioned on top of the machine will turn off or turn color after the grill is preheated.

3. Open the grill, and place the food at the center of the lower plate. Close it. Clamp shut the lock on the holder.

4. Leave the food to cook undisturbed till it is cooked all the
way through. Cooking time varies according to the food type. 

Foods that are precooked or don’t need much cooking, like hotdogs and vegetables, may take just a few minutes, while cuts of meat may take up to 20 minutes.

Be sure to stay by the grill as the food is cooking to avoiding burning it, and test the internal temperature of the meat with a digital thermometer.

5. Open the contact grill, and utilize tongs to remove the food. Unplug it and let it cool with the plates open. Wash it down with a wet sponge and leave it to air dry.

Safety gear for using an electric grill

When running a grill, you need to understand that things can get too hot, and potentially dangerous. 

Now with you applying electricity to power your cooking device, there is normally a possibility of you getting electrocuted. 

So the ideal way to ensure that you are always safe is to wear protective gear when operating with this type of grill.

You can do this by using rubber gloves and also rubber-soled shoes so that you don’t consume any electrical discharges. 

To cope with any sparks or anything along those lines, it is best for you to wear protective goggles as well.

Keep Distance

You must be sure that you are safe when using the grill and keep a secure distance from anybody and everything when cooking.

Make sure that you preheat it and just drop the food on it, and take some steps back. Staying away won’t let the grill hurt you, and you can comfortably make a run for it if the cooking device is up to no good.

Can you use an electric grill inside?

You can use it inside if it doesn’t cause smoke. I am sure that you don’t want to have smoke in the house so bear this in mind and check if your cooking device is an indoor grill.

Does food taste good on the electric grill?

Regarding taste, cooking on the electric grill doesn’t provide with that smoky flavor as cooking on the charcoal type, that’s for sure.

Charcoal is a natural source of energy and provides tasty meals. Cooking on electricity won’t have the same effect but you can still serve delicious food fast.

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Are electric grills worth it?

If you don’t have much time for cooking and you don’t need that smoky-flavoring food then you can opt for one.

The best feature of these grills is that you can control the temperature and prepare meals fast.

How long do you cook chicken on an electric grill?

Preheat the cooking device to 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have boneless chicken you will cook it from 8-10 minutes on each side.

The boned chicken cooks a little longer, from 12-15 minutes per side. If you still see blood cook it longer.

How long do you cook burgers on an electric grill?

The cooking time of a burger depends on your taste. If you want to eat a medium-rare patty you should prepare it for about 4 minutes on each side.

If you want it well-done prolong the cooking time for a minute. If you have a contact grill you don’t have to flip it on the other side.

Do electric grills smoke?

Yes, but the smoke produced is barely seen. If you don’t like smoke these grills are perfect for you while charcoal and also gas models produce more of it.

Can you grill on an electric grill if it’s raining?

You are dealing with electricity so it is better to stop the process and unplug the device for safety.

Cover the device with a cover or store it till you will have time to clean it. You can take the food inside and finish it in the oven or on the pan.

Can you leave an electric grill outside?

If it is an outdoor electric grill then no problem with leaving it outside. However, I recommend that you consider the material from which it is built. The problem can occur if the device is corrosive.

Iron ones can become corrosive fast so store the device inside (in the garage or other closed place) or cover it with the cover that fits your cooking device.

The grill manufacturers sell these so you won’t have a problem getting the right one.

Still don’t know how to use it?

If you still don’t know how to use an electric grill, don’t worry, the secure way to use it is to appoint someone else to cook on it for you. 

It will make sure that you don’t have to come in contact with the device and will keep all the safety needs that you could have from your grill.

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