Tents That Look Like A Log Cabin

Do you want to camp in a special looking camping tent that offers enough space for your family activities?

You don’t want to be in an ordinary tent all of the time you spend outdoors? Great as I have a cool-looking tent for you.

cabin log tent

Most of them are made of canvas but if you are the type of camper who does not feel adequately protected by a fabric shelter, then you should get a tent that looks like a log cabin.

The tent’s features

A tent that looks like a log cabin is built in the shape of a log cabin and it looks like it. It, therefore, takes the appearance of a more substantial shelter and this goes a long way to keep you at ease when you’re enjoying the great outdoors.

The exterior is printed with stone and wood patterns for the ultimate outdoor experience. It also features a rafter at the entrance for added support and stability.

Log cabin tents are usually designed for use by several people and if you are camping as a group, it will be a perfect outdoor shelter.

Unique Attributes of the tent

It is the type of tent that you should get if you want the ultimate glamping experience. This is because it usually comes with some of the modern luxuries that we enjoy in our own homes.

Most people have come to associate camping with struggle and the deprivation of some of the life pleasures but that should not be the case.

The modern camper such as you and I expect some level of comfort when spending time outdoors and that is why this one is a great option.

A large interior

This unit has a large interior and you can fit in some household appliances such as furniture, heating, and cooking equipment.

The large interior also means that there is a lot of space to move around and this is something that you will appreciate if you are claustrophobic.

log cabin tent

High head-room and large windows

The roof is raised so you won’t have to bend over when you are inside the tent. These cabin tents are also built with large windows that allow natural light to seep inside.

They also provide you with an obstructed view of your surroundings for a truly amazing outdoor experience.

Added support for the strength

They are big so they require added support to ensure their stability. Log cabin tents are, therefore, built using steel pole frames that give them the strength to withstand the pressure of its own weight and that caused by harsh weather elements. This will ensure that you are safe even when you are faced with the harshest of storms.


They strive to provide the best indoor atmosphere to its occupants and they get to achieve this through the ventilating mesh within the tent as well as the leak and flood barriers on its exterior.

The leak and flood barriers

The mesh uses a cooling technology that prevents the temperatures within the tent from rising to uncomfortable levels.

The leak and flood barriers, on the other hand, prevent water from getting into it when it rains, and this way you get to remain warm and dry throughout your stay.

Item storage

There are also mesh pockets within the tent that allow you to hang your items for safekeeping. There can be a hanging organizer that will help you keep things neat and organized.

The Pros and Cons of the Log Cabin Tent

Just like everything, this model is not without its downside. Let’s now take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this unit.

The Pros

  • Large enough to accommodate several people. A log cabin tent can accommodate 8 people at the same time or more
  • It features a raised roof that ensures that you won’t have to bend over when moving within it
  • The exterior has been aesthetically designed to mimic a log cabin. This goes a long way to enhance your outdoor experience
  • It has large windows that provide you with a great view of the surrounding
  • It has a ventilator mesh and helps keep the indoor environment pleasant
  • It features a cooling technology that prevents the temperature within the tent from raising to unhealthy levels
  • It has leak and flood barriers that prevent water from getting into the tent when it rains

The Cons

  • Setting it up is not easy
  • It is heavy and bulky so it is not ideal for mobile campers
  • It can get blown away when faced with a deadly storm. This is because its raised surfaces act as a barrier to the wind


Sometimes, plain canvas material can get too boring and when this is the case, then tents that look like a log cabin will lift the atmosphere.

The exterior of such units is printed with stone and wood patterns that enhance its visual appeal.

The exterior is not the only thing that is impressive as the interior has also been spruced up for the ultimate camping experience so go ahead get one to stand out at a campground.

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