How To Tent Camp Comfortably And Stress-Free?

Camping is a great way to see and experience the outdoors and its beauty. There’s no reason why you should be miserable while you try to enjoy it.

No matter if you are an avid camper or a camping beginner you will appreciate some of the good camping tips to enjoy it and make it fun as much as you can.

Let this guide show you how to tent camp comfortably when you do decide to be one with nature.

No one said it has to be just you and a sleeping bag in the wilderness. In fact, I think you will enjoy it much more with some of the comforts of home and some of the comforts meant just for camp.

You will still fall asleep under the stars with the sound of nature all around you, but you will be comfortable doing it. Let’s see how you can make your adventure worthwhile and stress-free with my top camping tips.

tent camp comfortable

Cozy camping tips

When going camping, campgrounds are the best to look if you want to have all the necessary facilities close. They already have campsites set up with a firepit and possibly a picnic bench.

While you already have an allotted parcel of space, the area where you put your tent should already be leveled and semi-free of tree roots or pits.

What do campsites provide?

They feature amenities like bathrooms and showers. These are important to the comfort level of anyone not willing to forego a shower or who don’t wish to do their business out in the woods like the bears and other animals.

Pre-planned activities

Most of the campgrounds also have pre-planned activities like art projects, different games for kids, festivals, a cinema, and others.

Others have fishing/swimming pond and hiking trails. It’s best to check out the features that the camp has for you to choose one that will fit you the most. Take a look at what France campgrounds have to offer.

What should I look for when buying a tent?

I can’t discuss how to tent camp comfortably without saying that you need to have a superior shelter. A cheap regular tent from a discount retailer isn’t going to cut it.

Also, when striving for comfort, you will need to make sure that it accommodates more people than you plan to put in it.

Look for the tent’s features

Comfort requires room. Quality tents have different sections for you to sleep and to store your clothing.

Some even have a vestibule section in which you can store the gear.

Your best option is to know its features to decide which one is appropriate for your outdoor escapade.

Bring a tent’s tarp

If you don’t have the cash to layout in a super shelter, don’t worry, I will cover what to do to make your basic tent as comfortable as possible.

For whichever tent you decide you should always have a tarp that is as large as the footprint of your tent to lay it on the ground below it. It acts as an extra moisture barrier between you and the ground.

Items to make camping more comfortable

After you pack the necessities of camping, these are things that have specifically to do with how the adventure will be comfortable. On what will you sleep on while spending nights in a tent, did you think about it?

Cozy outdoor sleeping demands good sleeping gear so your nights will be as on a home bed. How about other stuff that will make you feel as at home?

Take a look at the camping list that you should consider having a great time outdoors.

  • Folding cots

When they are folded, they look like a 3-foot folding camp chair and take up minimal room, but the difference is huge.

Remember that if you’re sleeping in a dome tent, you will need to move the cots away from the walls which will be curving inward. This is another reason why you need a tent that sleeps more than the allotted number of people.

  • Air mattress

Camping air mattresses offer superior comfort as you will sleep on a soft surface without feeling the hard ground.

Remember though, you have to either blow up the air mattress or have electricity for the pump to work. You can also opt for a self-inflatable one.

  • Foam bed

These come either as a bedroll or as a block of foam that you fold over into a square. The idea is that you don’t sleep directly on the hard ground.

  • A throw blanket or rug for the floor inside your tent
  • Pillow for your bed
  • Sleeping bag
  • A power inverter that changes your AC adapter in your car to a plug.
  • A solar USB charger

They may be slow to recharge by the sun, but if you’re going to be in the sun all day, you may as well bring one with you for your phone or any other USB device.

  • Pre-cut firewood and fire starters

Cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly make great fire starters. If you want your camping experience to be comfortable and not filled with work, bring your wood and campfire items or buy them.

  • Folding camp chairs

These will be so much more comfortable to lounge in than sitting at the picnic table, right? When you choose yours check its features as there are different camping chair styles and accessories to use.

camping chairs
  • LED Lantern and carbiner

Clip this to the middle top of your tent and open it to illuminate it when you need whole tent lighting. These are usually adjustable to different openings to provide different strengths of light.

  • Flashlight

Bring a good one that will serve you well in the wilderness. It’s way more comfortable to walk to the bathroom at night when you can see where you are going.

It is a good item to have while you search for things inside or outside the tent and to pick firewood.

  • Battery operated rope light

Truly optional is to wrap the rope light around the outside of the tent under the fly (the top part of the tent), to provide light illumination inside.

  • iPod/MP3 player

Do you love to listen to music? Pack your iPod or MP3 device in case you get tired of listening to nature’s sounds or you have noisy neighbors.

  • Bottled water

Most campgrounds have potable water, but bottles of water are just a luxury item that doesn’t taste weird or doesn’t require you to go somewhere to get it.

  • Camp stove

Unless you want to cook over an open grill with uncertain temperatures and drag lots of firewood around, bring a portable stove and of course pots and pans, and utensils to prepare some of your favorite and delicious camping meals.

  • Extra toilet paper

You never know when the bathrooms might be refreshed and when you need extra toilet paper some bring some extra toilet paper rolls with you.

Bring crucial camping things

How to be comfortable while camping? It isn’t hard to take care of the outdoor comfort if you follow my guide on how to tent camp comfortably and without extry worry.

It’s a matter of planning ahead and making sure that you bring the things you need in order to sleep well, make a fire, cook, and see in the dark.

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