The Best Way To Clean a Propane Grill

How do you clean your grill and maintain it in the best possible condition? 

There are a few things that you can do in this regard and this article will help you with the best way to clean a propane grill.

The ultimate outdoor grilling experience is only possible with a clean and well-maintained cooking device. 

Most people overlook washing their grills and this is the reason why some of the meals prepared this way are tasteless. 

celaning a propane grill

Dirty grills are also full of germs and bacteria and can easily catch fire so these are the reasons why you should make an effort to regularly clean your outdoor device. Let’s take a look at how to do the job without too much hassle.

How to clean a propane grill?

Since you will be placing the food directly on the grill grates when cooking, cleaning your grill regularly will ensure that it is in the best condition for preparing food. 

Washing it removes both the visible and invisible germs that might bring health complications when unchecked.

It also boosts the longevity of the unit and as such, you will be able to use it to prepare sumptuous meals for your family and friends for a long period of time. 

Why you should light clean the grill after every use?

Washing your device after every use is very important if you want to maintain it in the very best condition. 

It also makes it easy to use the next time you want to cook some steaks since you won’t have to clean it all over again. Here is what you need to do to clean your propane grill after use.

Burn the food particles and grease on the grill

Once you are done preparing your food, heat up the grill for about 15 minutes. 

This will burn off all the food particles and grease stains on the grill into ash, which can be removed easily.

Leave it to cool down before you proceed to remove the ash from the grates.

Clean the grill grates

When the device cools off, turn off the propane gas supply and disconnect it from the fuel tank. Get a grill brush and wipe away all the ash particles on the grill grates

If you don’t have a steel grill brush, you can use scrambled pieces of aluminum foil to brush off the burned residues.

clean propane grill

Clean the exterior as well

Don’t forget to wash the exterior of the cooking device as it is important in keeping it in the best condition for later use. 

The best cleaning solution that you can use to clean it is soapy water since it is safe and won’t corrode the surface of your cooking device.

Make a cleaning solution and wash the grill

Pour some detergent or mild dishwashing soap in a basin of water to create your cleaning solution. Wash the exterior using the mixture and wipe it dry using a rag soaked in water. 

This will remove all the soap residue and leave the grill sparkling clean.

Dry it on the sun

Let it dry in the sun for some time to ensure that there is no moisture on its surface. Moisture causes corrosion and this is why you should make sure that your grill is completely dry after washing it.

Which grill cleaner to use?

If your model is made of stainless steel, you should use a special stainless steel cleaner that will ensure that the surface is clean. 

The same applies if you are using a porcelain grill. Use a special porcelain cleaner for the best results.

Store your grill appropriately

When you are done cleaning the grill, you should store it appropriately to ensure that it is not exposed to harsh weather elements. 

As mentioned earlier, moisture is an agent of corrosion and you will be exposing your grill to lots of it if you decide to leave it outdoors.

Cover it with a grill cover

When storing it, make sure that it is covered to prevent dirt and dust from getting onto it. 

Most grill manufacturers provide covers for their units but if yours is worn out, you can buy one in your nearest store.

A thorough cleaning every six months

Every six months, you should find the time to thoroughly clean your grill. The periodic cleaning after every use will only remove the stains on the surface of the device without getting rid of the accumulated stains.

Since things wear out with time, the thorough washing exercise will help you identify the worn out parts and any damage on the grill.

Check if the gas is leaking

Check the fuel line for any damage in the form of cracks or holes and replace it if necessary. 

To check if there are any openings on the fuel line, create a soapy mixture, and apply it to the fuel line. 

Turn on the propane gas and if you notice any bubbles that would mean that your fuel line is damaged.

The propane grill cleaning procedure

The next thing would be to thoroughly clean the grill. Disconnect the gas before you begin with the work to avoid any accidents.

Brush the grates with a wire brush to remove any residues on them. When you are done washing the top of the grates, turn them over and scrub the bottom as well.

clean gas grill

Remove the protectors from the unit and give them a thorough scrub with soapy water. Clean the inside of the grill with soap and water as well and leave it to dry.

Can you hose down a propane grill?

You can wash it with water but first, you have to scrub the food particles off. Use a brush and remove the food and the ashes. Then use a hose and wash all dirt from the device.

If you see fuel holes clogged use a paper clip or a wire to clean them. This way your burners will work perfectly. At the end of washing leave the grill to dry.

Can you power wash a propane grill?

You can use a power washer on your propane model just make sure that you remove the grates, scrub it first, and disconnect from the fuel.

Apply a degreaser on the device and leave it for some time to do the job. Then use the machine and wash it thoroughly and let it dry.

How do you clean a moldy propane grill?

If your grill is moldy follow the next steps to wash it. First, take a brush and scrub the entire unit with it to remove the food particles and stains.

Then use a soapy water and wash it thoroughly. Light it and make sure the burners are working normally.

How do you deep clean a propane grill?

Deep cleaning of the propane grill is required once or two times a year at least.

So, what will you need and how to do it? If the grates are made of stainless steel you will need a brass grill brush.

However, if you have cast iron ones you should get a stainless steel brush.

deep cleaning propane grill

What things do you need?

Before the procedure get also a paper towel, a newspaper, and a heavy-duty BBQ cleaner. Use a piece of aluminum foil and protect the ignite wires and hoses.

The cleaning procedure

Your device should be cool to start the job. Close the fuel and detach the device from the fuel tank. Remove the grill grates and other parts that you can wash separately.

Place the grates on the newspaper and spray it with the degreaser. Leave them for 10 minutes to degrease.

Then scrub them with the brush that is appropriate for the grates. Rinse them with the water when you finished the scrubbing. Use a degreaser on the inside of the grill as well and let it do its job.

Pick a brush and scrub the inside of the device. Wash the grease off after the scrubbing.

Cleaning the burner tubes

Then you should focus on the burner tubes. Disconnect the igniter wires and wrap them in aluminum foil to protect them.

Pick the burners and place them on the newspaper to spray them with the degreaser. Scrub them with the brush.

Wash the inside of the grill

In the end, you should spray it also on the inside; on the bottom and left it to degrease the dirt and food chunks. Remove the drip pan and wash it thoroughly.

Reconnect the grill

When the cooking device it clean and dry you can reconnect the tank and the burner tubes and get ready the grill for the next cooking.

Light it for 5 minutes to see if the burner tubes work as they should.

The final word

You will not be able to enjoy your meal if you prepare it on a dirty grill. 

I showed you the best way to clean a propane grill and what you need to do to keep your outdoor cooking device in the best possible condition.

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