Cabin Tent Vs Dome Tent – Which Is Right For You?

Which tent type should you invest in to have a memorable outdoor trip? Is it a dome tent or a cabin tent? We camp with different tent shapes and styles.

You must know that not every model is appropriate for camping in various situations. For example, it wouldn’t be smart if you take a cabin tent outdoors if you intend to camp for the weekend alone.

You would need a small unit that pitches fast.

cabin vs dome tent

A tent protects from the elements and offers different kinds of features. This makes finding the right one very important if you are to enjoy your stay outdoors.

A cabin tent and dome tent are the most popular shelters for outdoor activities.

In this article, we will look at the structure as well as the pros and cons of each type to help you make the right decision when you need to get the right camping model for your outdoor adventures.

The difference between a Cabin Tent and a Dome Tent

Both types are shelters that have been designed for relative use during all year. They are fitted with mesh panels that boost airflow within the tent while at the same time keeping bugs and other small creatures at bay.

When set up properly, both units can withstand slight to a heavy downpour, depending on their features. The point is that both styles are built for normal weather conditions and for more demanding ones.

They come in different sizes so you can use them for your individual as well as group outdoor needs.

The primary functions of both of them are, therefore, to

  • Keep you dry and protect you from the elements
  • To provide you space where you can rest
  • Protect your gear

But that is where the similarities of tents end as these two are quite different in structure and usage. Let’s take a look at each tent in detail to understand how they differ and which of them is more appropriate for your escapade.

What is a cabin tent and its features?

A cabin tent is built in the image of a cabin with vertical surfaces and a high ceiling. It has large windows on the vertical surfaces that provide you with a nice view of the surroundings.

You can shut the windows with side panels if you need some privacy or if you want to block light from entering it. It is like an outdoor home.

cabin camping tent

Sturdy, durable and heavy

They are built with heavy poles of steel that give the tent its shape and structure. A cabin tent can be made of heavy canvas material that adds to its firmness, stability, and durability.

The canvas and the heavy steel make them heavy and bulky so you will require a little bit more effort to set it up.

Made for long-time camping in one place

These units are, therefore, ideal if you plan on camping in one particular place for a period of time. Their bulky nature contributes to their strength and stability so they can protect you from harsher weather conditions.

Have a luxury camping with a lot of space and comfort

With straighter walls, they will provide a lot of extra space than other types. The extra space allows you to fit in more camping equipment within the tent such as tables and chairs for a homely look and feel.

You won’t have to bend and crawl in them as they are made for luxury camping.

Rooms and privacy

If you need some privacy within the tent, then you can achieve it with a cabin model as you can set up room dividers, curtains, or doors within the unit. Does it remind you of a home? Well, it sure is an outdoor home!

What are the features of a dome tent?

Dome tents are lighter than cabin models in general, and this is one of their most impressive features that campers look for.

They are easy to set up and move around. If you are the type of outdoorsman who prefers portability and the ease of tent assembly, then you should definitely get this unit.

Lighter tent poles and material

Dome units are usually built with fiberglass poles or aluminum alloy which are lighter than the steel that is used in the construction of cabin tents.

The fabric used in making it is a form of polyester material that is lighter than the canvas that is also used to make the cabin models.

Easy packing and transportation

The fabric dries quickly and folds easily for easy packaging and transportation. The sides of a tent are in the shape of a slope so they don’t act as obstacles to the wind.

The wind-shedding capability of such units offers superior strength and stability to your outdoor shelter, a feature that you will appreciate on those stormy nights outdoors.

Meant for basic camping needs

The curved shape of such tents means that there is little livable space and this limits the number of things that you can store within the tent. You will also have to bend when moving inside as there is little head room.

Things to consider before buying a tent

When deciding which tent you should pick for your outdoor needs, there are a few things that you should consider and one of them is the purpose of your camping trip.

What are your camping needs?

Will you camp in different locations and need a shelter for sleeping and protection? If this is the case then you need a dome unit.

However, if you intend to stay in one location only with more people and demand more living space and comfort then you should choose one of the cabin models.

Should you get a dome tent?

A dome tent is a great decision for adventurists and outdoor enthusiasts who love to do outdoor activities and move a lot.

So, if you intend to go camping alone or with someone else you should definitely choose one that fits you.

Should you get a cabin tent?

A cabin tent, on the other hand, is suitable for those who love luxurious outdoor adventure and will stay in one place. It is appropriate for families and groups as it has a lot of living space for sleeping, cooking, and activities inside.

Think about the space you need

Another thing you should consider is space. If you need more space, then you should get a cabin model as the straighter walls make for added space.

It is great for family camping as you will have a chance to bring camping furniture, cooking appliances, and other gear to glamp in style.

Are dome tents good?

Dome tents come in different price ranges and features. These units are meant for all age groups, from young to old, from solo campers to families.

They differ in fabric, tent poles, features as vents, windows, waterproof rating, breathability, and more. When searching for it, make sure that its features suit you and that it will offer protection that you need.

dome camping tent

Avoid cheaper models

If you want to conclude if a specific tent is good you should know its features and manufacturing quality.

I advise you to avoid cheaper models that won’t protect you in bad weather and won’t offer you enough air ventilation is warmer days.

If you still don’t know which one is suitable for your needs contact me and we will discuss things out.

When choosing a cabin tent?

It is a perfect choice if you intend to camp in one place for a longer time with other people inside. They are meant for glamping or luxury camping as you will be able to use it as a house.

These big camping tents are perfect for kids as they will have space for playing and resting in their own rooms.

With the high ceiling, you won’t need to bend or crawl like in other traditional camping models. If you are looking for the highest level of comfort then this unit is the best to get.

What type of tent should I buy?

Picking the right type of tent is one of the crucial things that you have to think twice if you want to enjoy your stay outdoors. Use the above-mentioned tips when deciding between the cabin or dome tent for your outdoor needs.

Remember, the decision you make will influence you and if camping in a group, your fellow-campers, so choose the unit that will suit you and don’t buy the first one that is cheaper than others and has beautiful colors.

Ask yourself what do you need in a tent and you will make the right buying decision.

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