Best Natural Gas Grills Under $1000 Of 2021

Of the different grills that you can get for preparing your meals, those that run on natural gas are among the best that you can get. 

If you have got the direct line hookup you will never run out of fuel for a grilling party.

All that you have to have is a connection to a gas line that shouldn’t leak and a grill device that runs on natural gas.

And which are the best natural gas grills under $1000?

There are a number of them on the market that comes in different shapes and styles but I choose 3 of them so you will get the best cooking results.

What is the best natural gas grill for the money?

These units are more expensive than other grills because they must be connected to the gas system to work.

They cost more at the beginning but when you have it at home it is so easy to cook when your guests come, you just open the fuel and start cooking.

It is important for you to know the features of these types of grills and how they work. 

Take a look at some of the amazing grills that will make your cookouts a success.

Weber 66016001 Genesis II E-335 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill

Weber made a natural gas model that has a primary cooking area of 513 square inches with a tuck-away warming rack area that has 156 square inches for placing your buns or cooked foods.

This means that you will have 669 square inches of cooking space. The dimensions of a closed lid are 47″ x 59″ x 29″. The lid is porcelain-enameled so it will retain the heat successfully.

Solid stainless steel rod cooking grates are built to last and provide even heat distribution.

The unit has a solid 7mm stainless steel rod cooking grates that provide superior heat retention. It features a sear station that creates an intense heat zone to quickly add sear marks on the meat.

With the powerful Gs4 high-performance grilling system, you will be able to cook without flareups and have ultimate heat distribution for cooking your dishes to perfection. It measures 59 x 29 x 47 inches and weighs 153 pounds.

The unit has a side burner to prepare sauces or to cook vegetables separately from the main cooking area.

With its purchase, you will get 3D interactive assembly instructions for the product that are available through the free BILT app. iGrill 3 app-connected thermometer will enable you to monitor the food from the start to the end.

It has hooks for hanging cooking accessories and an enclosed grill cabinet for storing other cooking tools.

  • Gs4 high performance grilling system
  • Side burner to simmer BBQ sauce or sauté veggies
  • Solid stainless steel rod cooking grates
  • 3D interactive assembly instructions
  • Superior heat retention
  • Assembly takes time
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Napoleon R425SBNK-1-OB Rogue 425 Side Burner Natural Gas Grill

The Napoleon Rogue 425 measures 25 x 51 x 47.5 inches and weighs 124.1 pounds. It has 3 burners, 36,000 total BTU, and 425 square inches of cooking space.

The device will allow you to have a precise heat control to grill and roast. It has a side range burner to prepare sauces or side dishes that you will serve with the meat.

The unique wave shape cooking grids are made of stainless steel so you won’t have any problem with their cleaning. They will also allow you to have special marks on the meat and the foods won’t fall through them.

It features a durable black porcelain enamel lid and doors with stainless steel control panel. The side burner has a lid which you can close and use it as a side table.

You can fold side tables for easy storage. With a battery-free ignition starting it will be an ease.

Dual-level, stainless steel sear plates catch and vaporize any food drippings, protecting the stainless steel tube burners from damage, and keeps your barbecue cleaner.

This portable gas unit has 4 easy to move on locking caster wheels. Cross-lighting technology ensures that a burner will automatically reignite if the burner goes out while lit.

  • Precise heat control
  • The stainless steel cooking grids
  • Durable black porcelain enamel lid and doors
  • The battery free ignition
  • Unique wave shape cooking grids
  • Crossover lighting technology
  • Assembling it could take a while
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Broil King Baron 590 Natural Gas Grill

I present to you the Broil King Baron model that will surely bring you good cooking results. It measures 63.5 x 24 x 45.5 inches and weighs 190 pounds.

You will be able to make a perfect steak with the patented stainless steel dual-tube burners and the innovative Flav-R-Wave stainless steel cooking system.

It features heavy-duty reversible cast iron cooking grids that offer heat retention and sear marks. A V-channel design on the reverse is perfect to baste foods in their own juices.

It grills with the power of 50, 000 BTU and has a total cooking space of 805 square inches. You will be able to use a 10, 000 BTU side burner to prepare sauces or side dishes for the main meal.

The 15, 000 BTU rear rotisserie burner and the premium rotisserie kit will let you cook juicy whole chickens and roasts. With 4 locking casters, it is easy to move and store.

The two of them have a leveling feature to ensure your device is balanced. The shelves on the side are foldable.

The grill is made of die-cast aluminum and high-grade stainless steel. The special feature of this one is Performance Grilling Technology (PGT) that allows you to cook anything.

You can also bake elaborate desserts. The PGT has 5 key performance features – durable cook box, cast-iron grids, flav-R-wave system, dual-tube burners, and full heat control. You will start it up with the electronic ignition button.

  • Stainless cook box
  • Dual-tube burners
  • Cast-iron grids
  • Performance Grilling Technology (PGT)
  • Comes with a rotisserie burner
  • The assembly can take time
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What to look for when buying the natural gas grill?

When buying one, there are a few things that you must consider and one of them is the amount of heat that you expect for cooking your meals. 

If you are a heavy cooker, then you probably require a lot of heat so you should get a grill with a higher BTU rating.

Several burners

You should also get a burner with several burners as well. Natural gas grills can feature 2, 3, or even 4 burners that you can use to cook. 

A lot of burners mean that you can cook several dishes at a go and this will ensure that you don’t spend a lot of time cooking.

Portability and lightweight

Portability is another thing that you should consider when buying the natural gas grills that cost less than $1000. 

If you are the type of BBQ-griller who is always on the move, then your device should be light as possible to make it easy for you to take it with you.

When picking a portable unit you will have to sacrifice a few things such as a large cooking area to get one that you can easily take with you to your outdoor adventures.

Can you convert a gas grill to natural gas?

If you already have a gas grill at home but want to run it on natural gas you can convert it with some easy steps.

First, make sure that it is designed for dual fuel and able to run off of natural gas. If it is, take the next step by buying a conversion kit that won’t cost you much (less than $100).

best natural gas grills under 1000

There are different conversion kits so see your grill’s rating label to find the appropriate one. When you have all ready, turn off the gas line and then install the kit by reading the kit’s manual.

Are natural gas grills as hot as propane?

Gas grills produce more heat than natural gas grills. When gas ones produce around 2500 BTU, a natural gas unit can produce around 1000 BTU.

Does a natural gas grill need a regulator?

Yes, all of them need an appliance regulator that regulates the pressure going into the grill.

Is it safe to grill with natural gas?

It is safe to cook with it if you connected the unit to your home gas system correctly. If you converted the gas grill to natural gas be sure that you did the job according to the instructions. There mustn’t be any fuel leakage.

Does Weber make a natural gas grill?

Yes, it does, Weber is making these ones too, I showed you the Weber Genesis model in the article when I explained all about it. However, you have others as well that you can get, Genesis, Spirit, and Summit series.

Be a griller withy style

The best way to enjoy your meals is to cook them on a grill and this article on the best natural gas grills under $1000 showed you the amazing cooking appliances for that. 

You can choose among three different devices from different manufacturers that cooks all over the world know pretty well.

So, if you have a direct line hookup you just have to get your favorite grill and start making your family members and friends happy by serving them delicious and flavorful food.

Also, consider my other advice to use it properly and without any troubles.

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