Best Instant Cabin Tent Of 2021

The tents that most people rely on for their camping needs are usually heavy and bulky structures that take a lot of time to set up.

People have been using such units as they believe that they are the best for protecting them from the elements but is that really the case? Definitely not!

With advancements in technology, tent makers have been able to come up with instant models that set up easily while at the same time offer maximum protection from the elements.

The Coleman 4-person instant cabin is one of the best instant cabin tents that you can pick for your outdoor accommodation needs and I will highlight some of its key features below to see why it deserves the winning title.

Coleman cabin tent with instant setup review

When it comes to outdoor tents, instant models are the best as setting them up is very easy and it will save you the time and effort of putting one up as your outdoor shelter.

With pre-attached poles that fold up and unfold easy, the Coleman 4-person cabin model is the best instant cabin tent for campers and I will explain why I highly recommend it.

Nothing takes the fun out of camping more than a tent that takes too long to set up. Modern campers like you and I prefer simplicity and ease of assembling them and this tent is the best in that regard.

Here are some of the impressive features of the unit that make it ideal for outdoors.

1. Light and compact design

This instant cabin tent comes in a light and compact design for a quick and simple set up. It comes as an innovative one-piece model with the poles attached to it.

This eliminates the hustle of setting it up since all you have to do is to unfold it from its package, extend it, and secure it to the ground.

2. Pre-attached poles and 1-minute setup

With the poles pre-attached, you are able to do avoid complex and complicated assembling procedures and processes. In less than a minute, you will be done by setting it up and ready to enjoy your stay outdoors.

There are also no parts to be lost or misplaced as all the parts are attached to the tent.

3. Polyguard’s 2X double-thick fabric

The tent has also been made using Polyguard’s 2X double-thick fabric that gives it the strength and stability it needs to withstand harsh elements. It, therefore, won’t wear and tear easily allowing you to use it for a long time.

4. Heavy-duty material for added protection

Other than the ease of assembly, campers also expect their tents to protect them from the elements and that’s what you get when you buy the Coleman 4-person instant cabin.

It has been constructed with heavy-duty 150D polyester material that is strong and sturdy to withstand the rough weather.

Coleman’s exclusive WeatherTec system

The tent has been designed exclusively using Coleman’s WeatherTec system that includes a range of technical attributes meant to keep you warm and dry in a storm. It has been taped and this eliminates the need for a rainfly.

The polyester fabric has also been coated with an anti-wicking thread and zippers, all designed to prevent water from getting into it.

coleman cabin tent

The WeatherTec technology by Coleman has been tested extensively by the manufacturer and it has been found great at mitigating harsh outdoor conditions.

It a controlled setting, the tent was subjected to nasty downpours and strong winds, and it was able to withstand both of them impressively.

5. Spacious and comfortable interior

This fast-pitching model is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate campers. With a footprint measuring 8 by 7 foot, it is large enough for 4 people to sleep in and this makes it ideal for group and family camping sessions.

You can also fit a standard queen airbed inside if you are looking to glam up your camping experience.

Waterproof floor and great item storage options

The tent has 4 ft. 11 in. center height and weighs about 35 pounds. It has a welded and waterproof floor that ensures that you are dry even when it is wet and soggy outside.

It has storage pockets within the structure that you can use to store your valuables.

The disadvantages of the tent

It can only be used by 4 people bearly and if your outdoor adventures include more than four, then you should definitely find a bigger tent model.

In this case, Coleman is offering you a 6-person model so you can purchase this one if you prefer.

coleman camping tent

Another con can be shown in the harsh weather. The seams can leak when there is heavy rain with a storm but this depends on the unit to unit.

If you decide to get it I recommend waterproofing it by yourself with the waterproofing spray. The clips that attach to the rainfly can not hold if the winds are too strong. The tent doesn’t include a rainfly.

What is an Instant Tent?

An instant tent is a unit that sets up pretty quickly due to poles stitched to its fabric and the easy pitching system that enables you to set it up in a matter of minutes.

Fast and easy setup and fold is their best feature as you won’t struggle with the poles.

Are instant tents good?

Usually, instant tents are camping units that are made of quality material and features. Their best feature for what people love to buy them is their fast pitching process.

The poles are already attached in the fabric so you won’t need to attach each pole in the fabric to set it up as in regular tents. You will have to unfold it, extend it, and secure it, that’s all. Tearing it down is also easier than in traditional tents.

Is it worth to buy?

This Coleman tent is one of the best instant cabin tents that you can use for your outdoor camping needs. Setting it up is very easy and you will also be able to enjoy its lightweight and flexible design.

With the heavy-duty fabric and the WeatherTec system you will be protected from the elements. I recoomend it for a family camping with two children. It is a solid tent with good features for bad weather.

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