5 Best Campsites In Slovakia Of 2021

Slovakia is a central European country that has many things to offer. Till 1993 it was a part of Czechoslovakia. It has 5,4 million residents.

Today they have a rich history and sights that you should see. Slovakia’s capital is Bratislava that is located along Danube River. The country has many castles and mansions that were built in the Hungarian empire.

best camping places in slovakia

The strongest point of their tourism are mineral thermal springs that offer many spas for all of you who want to enjoy and relax.

Their famous mountain range is Tetra in the north area of the country which is colder in winter than the southern part of the country. How about their best camping places?

Camp in Slovakia

Slovakia has beautiful valleys, mountains, rivers, and other sights that you should see when you camp. Today you will find out which campsites are well visited in this European country and which you should consider as your next vacation.

Kemping Bystrina

You can find Kemping Bystrina in the western part of the country, in the National park in the Low Tetra mountain range.

The camp offers 120 places where you can stay with caravans and tents. If you like to have more comfort, you can stay in one of their mobile houses or in the Hotel Bystrina with 63 bed capacity.

Kemping Bystrina

Camping activities

What about activities here? Well, you won’t be bored since you have the option to play basketball, billiard, football, and tennis.

You can also try a summer bob slide! For ski lovers, there is a ski center Žiarce where you can ski and have a good time.

Relax in their wellness center, have a massage, and enjoy starting a camping fire with your family members at the open fireplace for true outdoor excitement.

Mara Camping / ATC Liptovsky

This is another place that is worth visiting. The camp lays on the bank of the dam Liptovská Mara which is Slovakia’s biggest water dam.

This is a reason why so many people come here; it’s because of water and spending their holidays actively.

Mara camping

Yacht and windsurf

It is a good location for you to yacht and windsurf. You can also fish there, ride with a ship, and hike.

This place offers trips where you can see UNESCO heritage, open-air museums, and much more.

Accommodation and eating options

They are opened from May to October. Mara Camping has 300 pitch places available for about 1000 people with caravans, tents, and staying in cottages.

You can rent a cabin or a bungalow. A lake is a great place for you to freshen up and for kids to play.

When you won’t have a will for cooking, you can invite your family to a restaurant for lunch or for a quick snack in the snack bar or pizzeria.

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Camp Bojnice

Camp Bojnice offers a year-round for RV parking and is opened all year long. They have 185 pitch plots that are waiting for you. Choose to stay here with your tent, caravan, or stay in one of their bungalows.

Camp under the trees

This auto camp is located two km away from the town Bojnice in the forest. If you like to stay under the trees, this place would be a great choice.

The place is also suitable for you who don’t like too much sun as the trees give the shade.

Grill for your family members

They have an open fireplace and a barbeque place where you can grill the food. They have high hygiene standards as they use a professional steam cleaner for keeping their facilities neat and clean for the guests.

Take your kids and spend a wonderful outdoor adventure at Camp Bojnice.

Camping Belá

This camp is located along the River Varinka, close to the town Bela. They offer 150 pitch places.

You can pitch your own tent there; stay with a caravan or rent a cabin for more comfort. Its area is 2000 mlarge so it gives a lot of space for everyone. Children can play in the playground and on the slides.

camping Belá

Hiking trails and cycling paths

You can take a hike and see the beautiful surroundings where you will admire forests and animals. There are a lot of hiking and cycling paths where you can go and be active.

You won’t be hungry since they have a grocery store but you can make your own food in cabins or cook your food on the grill which will make your camping stay even more exciting and interesting for the kids.

Moongarden Camp

If you like to stay in a small camp and have more privacy then this place should be your next destination. Moongarden camp is a small place in southern Slovakia, close to Hungarian border that offers 20 pitch places.

Unspoiled nature for long walks and biking

They are located just 50 meters from the River Ipel that is a border river with Hungary. This place will make you happy if you like long walks in unspoiled nature. Mountain bikers will also be pleased.

Moongarden Camp

A fully equipped outdoor kitchen

Moongarden Camp will welcome you with its simplicity and a feeling like you are at home. They have a fully equipped outdoor kitchen for cooking and free Wi-Fi connection for internet surfing. They are opened from May to October.

Charcoal grilling

If you have a dog, he is welcome here. They don’t have a restaurant but you can ride with a car in the closest town to eat. Meanwhile, there is also a possibility to cook your own food since charcoal grilling is allowed.

Your Camping Adventure in Slovakia

As you see, Slovakia is a country where you can spend your next vacation with your family and explore the country’s sights, towns and nature. I gave you some camp examples that could make your next outdoor holidays pleasurable.

If you want to see National Parks and medieval mines, camp in central Slovakia where towns Banska Bystrica and Zilina are located. The east of the country has beautiful castles and ski centers for you to explore.

Those of you who like fresh air from the mountains will enjoy in the northern part of the country where they can relax and do winter activities.

Choose your favorite camp and spend unforgettable holidays alone or with your loved ones in Slovakia.

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