Best Camping Tent Brands Of 2021

A great camping experience starts with the best camping tent brands and their tent creations.

Have you ever gone outdoors only to wake up in the middle of the night with a puddle under you?

Cold, wet, and possibly hungry, you trudge out of your makeshift home holding your lantern.

Pulling apart your bag looking for something warm and dry as you hope that your clothes also didn’t get wet.

Camping doesn’t have to be like this. Don’t buy that discount department store version of a tent and try to live comfortably in it.

You and your family deserve to have comfort so take a look at the best companies that make camping tents and other outdoor equipment for your pleasure and safety.

best camping tent brands

What is the best camping tent brand?

The camping tent brands that have the most features that I like are Coleman, Kelty, CORE Equipment, Wenzel, and The North Face.

Some of the comparisons are like comparing apples to oranges. For example, The North Face tents are known to be more rugged and handle rain and severe weather more aptly than Coleman.

The features I am looking for when I am evaluating the top camping tents for my camping needs are:

  • Rated 3 season tent
  • Sleeping capacity for my group and “plus 2” for comfort. In this case 6 people
  • Peak height tall enough so I can stand up when I change clothes. At least 5.5 feet
  • At least 2 exits (a would-like but not necessity)
  • Loops and pockets on the inside to attach stuff
  • Good zippers
  • Good mesh windows to keep out tiny bugs
  • Good Ventilation system
  • Waterproof tub floor – a floor with no seams until at least a couple inches up the wall

Who makes the best quality camping tents?

The next outdoor brands are well-established on the market and make quality camping units and gear for different kinds of adventurers.

Their materials, innovation systems, and tests made them the best in the outdoor world. Here are my top camping brands that I cherish the most and recommend.

CORE Equipment

The company started its business with a focus on elevating the camper’s experience.

They are a privately-owned company that invests their time in quality engineered features, customer support, and great design.

They make tents, lights, chairs, shelters, and sleeping bags that enhance an outdoor adventure.  

core camping tent

CORE Equipment specializes in making dome and cabin camping tents with reasonable prices and instant setup. You can choose between different colors and features.

All of them feature H20 Block Technology that secures the tent from the weather elements. Their units are treated with a polyurethane coating that prevents the rain to get inside the tent. Their seams use an inverted stitching technique.

The North Face

The North Face is an American outdoor recreation company that produces clothing, footwear, and equipment. They are in business since 1966 and trying to provide the best gear.

They have labs where they test fabrics and other features of their products.

Their tents tend to have a ventilation system that has small vents at the top of the unit for ventilation during rainstorms to combat condensation.

The tent’s construction has a shape that helps with winds.

The actual material of The North Face tents withstand bad weather much more handily than fair-weather models like Coleman. It shows in the price which can be doubled for the same amount of sleepers.


Coleman is one of the most reputable outdoor brands that I must present to you since people all over the world are ordering their products due to quality and friendly prices.

The company produces products as tents, sleeping bags, canopies, camp kitchen products, coolers, lighting, camp furniture, grills, and other essentials. They focus on the families and their outdoor adventure.

Coleman tents are known to make their set up intuitive with color-coding, which of course is not a feature exclusive to their brand. They tend to be family and budget-friendly.

WeatherTec system

Even so, some of their models have ranked among more expensive tents for family car camping. The company made its exclusive WeatherTec system that protects the unit from bad weather conditions and leaks.

What does the system include? It includes weather-resistant fabric, protected seams, inverted design, waterproof floor, zipper protection, and a wind-strong frame.


Kelty is in business since 1952. They make backpacks, sleeping bags, pads, and other sleeping systems, tents and shelters, kids equipment, blankets, and other outdoor gear.

Most of their tents have a no-sound zipper and taped seams for extra waterproofing. This is definitely a must if you have seams on the floor or below the 1-inch mark on the floor.

Several of their tents rank up with the more expensive units for family camping. They are known for ease of set up and usually have a separate vestibule.


Wenzel is a part of a large family of outdoor brands owned by Exxel Outdoors and they do their business since 1887.

They are making tents, sleeping bags and pads, shade and screen houses, furniture, backpacks, airbeds, rainwear, and camping accessories.

wenzel tents

You can choose from different product styles and designs. Their most popular models are the Kodiak, Klondike, and Timber Ridge.

Are Coleman tents of good quality?

Coleman is a reputable outdoor company that offers equipment for an average outdoorsman. They specialize in family camping so their products are focused more on the families.

Tents from Coleman have WeatherTec Technology that protects them from the elements. The prices are friendly as they want that every family can afford a good unit for their excursion.

Is CORE a good tent brand?

CORE Equipment company tries to offer the best outdoor recreational experiences for their customers with simple to use products. They have solid tents with reasonable prices like Coleman.

Their CORE Instant Technology makes camping less complicated and more comfortable. This means you will be able to set up the unit instantly in a few minutes due to the pre-attached poles.


The type of tent that you need is wholly dependant on the type of camping you may be doing.

If you will be facing wind-whipped mountainsides, you need to evaluate the best tent companies for that particular type of camping.

I found The North Face, Coleman, CORE Equipment, Wenzel, and Kelty are the best tent companies for outdoors that offer quality materials and user-friendly features.

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