5 Best Camping Places In the Czech Republic of 2021

The Czech Republic is a central European country that has around 10 million residents. Its capital is Prague that has a long history and is one of the most beautiful European cities.

If you go to this country you will see medieval, gothic, Baroque and Renaissance buildings.

best camping places in czech republic

Czechs are known to have magnificent castles, buildings, a thermal spa, and a good beer. The country has nice landscapes and is ideal for the holidays.

If you love culture you will love this country as their culture shows everywhere you look. Many of their monuments are under UNESCO protection which you should see and experience. Which are their best camping places?

Camping on the Czech Grounds

I am presenting to you some of the Czech camps that you can visit on your next trip to Europe.

River Camping Prague

The River Camping Prague is only 4 km away from the capital and is ideal for all who want to see the beautiful Prague. If you stay at this place you can visit it by subway or tram, a car or you could walk.

River Camping Prague

Water activities at the river bank of Vltava

They are located on the riverbank of Vltava, so it offers great opportunities for kayaking, rafting, and canoeing.

Bike riders and roller skaters will feel like home here as they have lots of trails for them. If you don’t have the equipment, you can rent it there.

One of the best European training facilities for whitewater slalom

The camp is not far from one of the best European training facilities for whitewater slalom and white water rode. They are open from April to November and have 40 pitch places for you.

Zoo and botanical garden

Do you want to surprise your kids? Take them for a walk to the near ZOO that is only 15 minutes away from the campsite and also see the botanical garden.

Pets are welcome here. This place is a wonderful resort for a whole family with lots of activity options.

Kemp Děčín

Kemp Děčín can be found in the heart of Czech Switzerland and is close to the Elberadweg cycle route. This campground has a lot of grassy lands so don’t worry; you will have your privacy.

Kemp Děčín

Several accommodation options

They are open from April to November and have 40 pitch plots for your disposal. Bring a tent or a caravan and camp or rent a modern bungalow (for five people) or a family tent that they offer.

The family tents for rent are fully equipped for your luxury.

Where can you eat and what activities can you do there?

You can have breakfast in a traditional Mongolian yurt which is the campsite’s communal space. You can have lunch in restaurants nearby; the closest is only 200 m away.

What can you do at this place? I have already mentioned cycling but you can also hike, sail, climb, fish, and in-line skate.

Camping am See Václav

This place is opened since 1992 and located at the Jesenice Lake. This place is ideal for families with children as they can play on the sandy beach among other things.

Plenty of options for watersports

There are plenty of options for watersports as sailing, swimming, rowing, fishing, and surfing. People visit this place to see the old bridge that was flooded in the past and is an attraction for tourists.

Accommodation and daily trips

The camp has 150 pitch places and is opened from May to September. They have separate pitches for groups and young people. Campgrounds are mainly grassy.

If you feel adventurous, you can have a daily trip to cities with healing springs and historic towns nearby. Camping am See Václav is a clean and fun place to take your family holidays.

Camp Karolina

Camp Karolina is a small family resort that offers a quiet and peaceful environment for you to relax and charge your batteries. They offer 70 pitch plots for camping with a tent, caravan, cottage, or mobile homes.

You can visit them from May to the 15th of October. Everyone who loves to be around forests and rivers will enjoy it here.

Camp Karolina

Great campsite for those who love more privacy

You can play volleyball, foot-volleyball, mini-football, ping pong and much more. Children will enjoy a playground where they can play and have fun.

Campers will be happy to set a fire at an open fireplace that will make a great outdoor atmosphere. There are two parks in the area, Slavkovsky, and Kosi Potok that you can experience on foot.

I suggest this place if you like to have more privacy and be in a quiet environment.

Camping Hana

Camping Hana is my final suggestion of campsites in the Czech Republic that are worth visiting. This is a small family place with 55 pitch plots for both tents and caravans.

It is located close to the city Brno which is known for international trade fairs and is the second-largest city of this country. They are open from May to October.

Camping Hana

A quiet place for relaxation

This is not a place with a lot of loudness as there are no bars, restaurants, or hotels. This is a quiet place where you can relax and also have fun in nature.

They have a fitness center, campfire spots, a playground for children and facilities for you to do your daily obligations. I shouldn’t forget to tell you that MotoGP races are held in Brno so this is a great opportunity to see an exciting race.

Camping Place that you will Enjoy Staying

Which campsite do you like the most on my list? I suggest that you consider all this information about the campgrounds before booking. You have a choice to choose among more touristic and quieter places to camp alone or with groups of people.

River Camping Prague has lots of things to offer and see, while Camping am See Václav and Kemp Děčín are perfect for active holidays.

Those of you who like to stay in a quiet and more private camp, choose Camp Karolina or Camp Hana and have a stress-free vacation. Welcome to the Czech Republic where adventure awaits.

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